The Rappahanock Area YMCA is a staple in our community, so we were delighted to hear that they were looking to involve us in the 10 Year Gala celebration of our local King George YMCA location. The event took place in the King George Campus gymnasium with a “Great Gatsby” theme, where we provided a full AV production and set design.


Upon receiving the brief, our production team was tasked with providing a quotation to suit the client’s requirements. A site visit was conducted before the event to take measurements for the room as well as discussing the vision that the client had for the event.

To give the client a clear understanding of the quotation, we created a 3D visual of the room utilizing Vectorworks Spotlight. This gave the client an opportunity to see what the lighting and stage would look like prior to us installing the event.

Equipment Used


The PA system was made up of 8 speakers. These were two QSC K10s, four QSC K12s, and two KW181 subwoofers. This allowed a concise and wide audio coverage for both speeches and pre-made video content.

This was all controlled via our Midas M32R digital mixing console complete with a DL-16 stage box, allowing us to send all audio content down a single cable. For microphones, we used the Shure QLXD wireless system.


We started with 12 ETC Ellipsoidals with a pattern gobo around the room to provide ambient lighting. This allowed us turn off the harsh fluorescent lighting of the gymnasium while still providing the guest with enough light to see.

For the stage lighting, we flew over 160 feet of truss. This allowed us to provide adequate lighting positions for the stage, as well as some dance floor lighting effects. On the truss, we hung 9 Chauvet Intimidator Wash Zoom 350s, 2 Chauvet Intimidator Spot 350s, and 4 Chauvet Professional Ovation E-260 Ellipsoidals. These fixtures gave us the flexibility of appropriately lighting the speaker and stage during the presentations, as well as creating a party atmosphere to dance the night away.

Finally to tie everything together, we utilized Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Quad 4s around the perimeter of the room for up-lighting.


Realizing from the beginning that video content was going to play a key role in the event, we started with two 16’ x 9’ projection screens, one flown on each side of the stage which was built utilizing Intellistage platforms.

For a backdrop, we utilized 14’ tall black pipe-and-drape with gold drapes layered in front.


Feedback from the client was very positive and we look forward to working with them on upcoming events that are in the pipeline.