Turn your wildest dreams into a beautiful reality by showcasing yourselves and your personalities with one of the most unique and jaw dropping services!

What’s Projection Mapping? Sometimes referred to as Cake, Wall or Architectural Mapping there is no mistaking the fact that it is the newest and most dramatic way to enhance your already gorgeous venue and surround your guests with an experience that truly and beautifully highlights your personalities!


Cake Mapping

When mapping a cake we are basically turning your cake into a display surface, like a TV or Screen. We can make each layer of your cake show different videos or pictures, make the whole cake show a specific video or have an animation interact with the cake itself. Check out our 80s video game inspired interactive cake!


Wall Mapping & Lighting Design

Using projections in conjunction with your lighting can create a completely immersive experience for you and your guests! Taking your theme we can design a stunning display throughout your ballroom using custom made animations, HD visuals or static pictures, your own video work or slideshows… basically close to anything you can think.

One last thing.

You have a vision for your celebration, maybe you’ve had this vision since you were a child… That vision CAN be turned into a reality, don’t think its impossible to achieve. Tell us what that vision is, be descriptive… don’t hold back… then give us the opportunity to show you how we can take that vision and create an experience that I am absolutely positive will blow your guests away but still have that focus… You!


Excited to hear Your Vision!

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