Luminuss Productions was recently contacted by a soon-to-be bride who was looking for a special touch to bring her large event tent to life. She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted, but she requested that the lighting add an intimate and romantic atmosphere, as well as provide functional lighting for her guests to safely function and move around.
With these requests in mind, we recommended our very popular textured lighting. During our client meetings, we showcased some different textures and patterns that we had available and then began the work of custom tailoring the lighting layout for her event.
For this large tent, we used eight Chauvet Ovation E-260 LED Ellipsoids to provide a pattern coverage for the entire ceiling surface. We then carefully and strategically placed various lenses and angles to provide the coverage needed to provide the perfect effect. The entire design was then tied together with a soft sheer backdrop behind the head table with warm “twinkle lights” embedded to add that extra touch.
Our custom texture lighting package efficently lit up the entire area for the guests while also providing a unique and romantic feeling to the otherwise boring, vast white ceiling, common to large even tents.
This same effect can be achieved at your next event with a plethora of designs, patterns, and texture options available. We can project these onto virtually any surface to include walls, ceilings, dance floors and buildings.  With this unique texture lighting technique, we can transform a boring hotel reception space into a winter wonderland. These lighting techniques can transform a bland tent into an elegant event space or even create a starry night feel.
Texture lighting is perfect for any space that has large blank space that detracts from the overall atmosphere we are trying to achieve.
Contact us today to book this amazing transformation for your next event!