We were thinking big for this year’s fashion show. We wanted to make it the best fashion show in the area to date. In order to make this happen, we clearly had to work with the absolute best vendors around. So we sat down and had a great conversation with Ava Laurenne Bride and Eric Herod Entertainment

Through this conversation and all the planning that followed, we determined that the fashion show needed to flow like a wedding. Ava Laurenne was all in, making this their biggest show yet with a huge showing of their gowns. The next step was creating a connection with all of the brides in attendance. Conveniently, Eric Herod Entertainment already does this through a love story. A little bit of lighting, drapery, and video from us here at Luminuss Productions, and “A Love Story – The Fashion Show” was born.

Just like a wedding, it took multiple meetings and much planning to figure out and execute all the details. With each of us knowing that we were working with top tier vendors, it was calming knowing that everyone would deliver amazing quality results.

Luminuss productions in proud to have provided the elegant draping and texture lighting as a backdrop, the staging for the catwalk, the overhead rigging, stage lighting, and projection equipment.