Wireless LED Up-lighting

Luminuss Productions can paint your venue with light to match your color scheme with an almost unlimited selection of colors. Our unique LED up-lighitng system has no power cables, no control cables, and can last up to 20 hours on a single charge while allowing a clean and elegant appearance that compliments your wedding theme and venue.

Up-lights are an ideal and cost effective way to add a custom touch of color and light to your venue or simply to accent the architectural beauty of the building itself.

Dancing on a Cloud

If you are looking to create a truly breathtaking atmosphere, Luminuss Productions has the solution. With our unique “cloud machine,” we can create a magical cloud like effect that stays down around your feet while creating the appearance that you are on a cloud.

This effect is great for creating an unforgettable grand entrance or first dance while providing an amazing photo perfect moment.

This effect uses no fog fluid and stays down by your feet which makes it safe to use in venues that are concerned with fire alarms.

Custom Monogram

Luminuss Productions can help truly personalize your wedding by projecting your name(s), a design of your choice, and much more onto the venue floor, walls, or even the side of the building. Custom monograms are all about style, personality, and making a statement.

If you don’t have a design already, we work with you to create the perfect design for your wedding.


With our high quality drape, Luminuss Productions can transform your dull venue into the sophisticated and elegant room of your dreams.

We have various drape types, styles, and colors that we can use to transform your venue. We can do pipe and drape which allows us to cover up walls or even divide up a room all the way to complex ceiling drapery to help add that extra flare


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