Global Truss DT-PRO5200 16ft Crank Stand


Global Truss offers the DT-PRO5200, a 16ft. Goliath Studio Crank Stand with a maximum load of 440 lbs. This stand features an ingenious direct drive, rack and pinion design in place of the traditional (and heavy!) cable found on old traditional stands. This innovation allows the new DuraTruss Goliath Studio Stands to offer greater lifting power and a lighter weight along with fewer maintenance issues, which will expedite work at job sites in addition to saving money on shipping costs. Being lightweight, the DuraTruss Goliath-Studio stands are easier to lift and carry — plus they eliminate problems with broken winch cables on crank stands.


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  • Duratruss Goliath-Studio Smart technology
  • Direct Drive – No cable
  • Rack & Pinion System
  • No Manual Locking Device
  • Light Aluminium Design



  • Maximum load 440 lbs. (200kg)
  • Minimum load 22 lbs. (10kg)
  • Maximum height 16.40 ft. (5000mm)
  • Folded height 6.08 ft. (1855mm)
  • Weight 110 lbs. (50kg)
  • Foot extension dia. 6.56 ft. (2000mm)

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Weight 110 lbs