Chauvet Professional COLORdash Accent Quad


-Quad-color LED – red, green, blue, amber (RGBA)
-RGBA color mixing via DMX or manually
-Extremely compact with excellent output
-Variable electronic dimmer (0–100%)
-Simple and complex DMX channel profiles for programming versatility
-Double-bracketed yoke doubles as floor stand
-Easy to use OLED digital display
-Built-in auto programs recalled via DMX or Master/Slave


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Colordash Accent Quad delivers a tremendous punch of evenly mixed light into tight locations. Powered by a 10 W quad-color (RGBA) LED, this palm-sized fixture excels at delivering saturated colors and brilliant pastels with a soft, even glow. An onboard OLED display effortlessly controls and addresses the fixture via DMX or in a stand-alone mode.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 6.8 × 4.3 × 2.6 in