This year, for the Big Day Bridal Show, the Fredericksburg Expo Center approached us about transforming their ballroom, which is often used for wedding receptions, corporate events, and other celebrations. 

To make this transformation happen, we used three common tools that can be used in almost any reception space. We started with floor-to-ceiling white sheer pipe & drape to hide the walls and soften the room. Then we added wireless LED uplights to add some color, and finally our texture lighting behind the sweetheart table to add that last elegant touch.

These are common services that almost any of our couples can use to transform their venue. Although all of these services are not always necessary for every venue, they greatly compliment each other. 

Pipe & Drape
Pipe & drape is an inexpensive and quick way to create a room divider or a backdrop, and give the space a feeling of luxury and decadence. Pipe & drape is versatile, and transforms a space by creating seamless wall transitions, covering windows, doors, or unsightly walls. Pipe & drape can also create a visually clean backdrop for wedding altars, head/sweetheart tables, food stations and more.

Uplighting is a decorative technique that uses a directed beam of light placed on the ground and aimed to project against a backdrop. The lights can be any color to create the desired effect. Lighting is a great way to set the mood or atmosphere. Our uplighting allows for easy color transitions to create several different looks and moods throughout the evening. The lights can also change color or rotate to the beat of the music, creating a spectacular light show that is sure to impress your guests! This lighting technique has been a growing trend for a variety of events, but its popularity has definitely surged with weddings. Find the right venue, get the perfect backdrop, decorate appropriately, and watch this technique transform a room.

Texture Lighting
Texture lighting is painting with light. Designs, patterns and textures can be projected onto any surface you can aim the light at. Texture lighting can transform a boring hotel reception space into an elegant room, or turn a gym into a funky club atmosphere.

Texture lighting is perfect for spaces that have large blank walls or air walls that detract from the overall feel for the room. One great use for texture lighting is when a hotel ballroom will be used for a wedding ceremony and then flipped after the ceremony for the reception. Use texture lighting on the air wall dividing the room to create a beautifully elegant feel that can easily move for the reception.

The Perfect Match
Fabrics draped as backdrops make an amazing medium for uplighting and texture lighting. In particular, sheer fabric works well because of its translucent properties and elegant look and feel. The combination of these services are a sure way to transform your venue and wow your guests!